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Copy of Third Eye Chakra

Mantra: AJNA

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Located between your eyebrows, the energy of this chakra allows us to access our inner vision, spiritual guidance and cosmic wisdom. When blocked you may experience headaches, eye disorders, nervousness, sleeping issues and poor memory.  When open, you’ll have clearer thoughts, confidence in decisions and a sense of purpose in life. Follow the Pooja Practice to open your throat chakra like a lotus flower opening to the cosmos.

When to use

If you find you're suffering from headaches, sleep issues, difficulty concentrating, obsessive thinking, lack of imagination or an insensitivity to things happening around you, please draw yourself a warm bath and use the Third Eye Chakra Bath Bomb to help clear your thoughts and give yourself some space for self reflection to access your inner guidance and intuition.

Essential Oils


Derived from the lavender plant, this versatile oil has commonly been used for its relaxing and calming effects both physically and emotionally. Just inhaling its balancing fragrance promotes deeper sleep, reduces emotional stress and improves your mood.


For centuries, jasmine has been popular for its sweet, rich, sultry aroma. Inhaling jasmine oil or absorbing jasmine oil through the skin is said to transmit messages to the brain’s limbic system. While this area is involved in controlling emotions and influences the nervous system, studies show improved mood, anxiety, sleep, nausea, and pain.


Once in your warm bath, release the chakra bomb in your left hand and close your eyes. Breathe deeply inhaling through the nose and exhaling through the mouth. Bring your awareness to your third eye, visualizing a deep purple glow around a lotus flower that is opening. Listen in for a moment to how you want to express yourself to the world around you and chant the sacred Mantra ‘OHM’ for 1-2 minutes. When ready, open your eyes to see you are enveloped in the seed color of this chakra.  Repeat aloud this powerful affirmation with eyes open or closed: “I trust my intuition and I act on them” May this practice help to cleanse and restore balance, bringing healing and overall well-being to you.  Rest and be at Peace

Third Eye Chakra Balancing

This sixth chakra is your gateway to wisdom. Motivated by knowledge, reflection, and intuition, the third eye chakra is your homeland to dreams and visions that enables you to cut through illusion and access deeper truths. The gift of your sixth chakra is the ability to be mindful and live in the present moment. As you focus your attention, you have the means to free yourself from illusions and begin to perceive the nature of reality.

An underactive Third eye imbalance can negatively affect your ability to concentrate, process information and keep calm under pressure. When blocked, you may become fearful of the unknown and cause emotional and physical stress. Signs of an overactive sixth chakra means your overindulging in your imagination and excessive daydreaming, or perhaps your judgment is clouded or your feeling mentally overwhelmed. Opening yourself up to new ideas and understanding can help restore the harmonious flow of energy in your third eye chakra. Spend some time outside on a sunny day surrounded by nature and get inspired.

The key is to familiarize yourself with the signs and symptoms of an under or overactive sixth chakra. Once you recognize what is amiss, the next step is learning about pooja practice to begin the journey and restore balance to your third eye chakra and its full potential, improving your overall well-being. So be mindful (young Jedi), trust in your own intuitions and be ready to act on them. In doing so, you will be more comfortable knowing that you are living your true purpose.

Take some time to do this everyday. Observe when you get these feelings that bubble up and begin to breathe deeply with your eyes closed. Imagine being surrounded by a glowing deep purple light that is radiating through every cell of your body. Journal any thoughts or images that come to you. And when you are ready to connect to your true intention, draw a warm bath and use Pooja’s Third Eye Chakra Bath Bomb to help release it.


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