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Third Eye Chakra Cleanse

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Energetic Harmony Awaits

POOJA CLEANSE® is a weeklong guided ritual to support the balancing of a specific chakra that has been impacted by unhealthy, toxic or 'stuck' energy. In addition to the POOJA CLEANSE® bath bombs, body bars and chakra-balancing crystals, you will receive members-only access to support you in establishing your personal pooja -- ritual practice -- with exclusive tips, practices, recipes, chakra-specific playlists, and more!

Although the journey into the chakras is rooted in ancient systems, this is an intensely personal path that is unique to each and every individual. As we live in a time that often feels rushed and frantic, we invite you to use this experience as a portal to self-love and self-discovery.

Journey With Aromatherapy

Bath Bomb (Lavender)

The sweet, delicate sent of luscious Lavender is at once, floral, herbal and woodsy. The calming effects of this soft, powdery scent, helps reduce anxiety and induces sleep. An ancient natural remedy, Lavender is a flowering member of the mint family, thought to have originated in the highlands of India. Today, this highly popular scent is mostly produced in France.

Body Bar (Rosemary & Thyme)

Rosemary has a distinctively herbal, woodsy and slightly camphor-like aroma that is refreshing and invigorating. With hints of pine, lemon and mint, Rosemary is known to stimulate and strengthen the memory (as well as hair growth!) The Ancient Greeks burned rosemary as incense, and is often featured in religious ceremonies - as the smoke of Rosemary is deeply cleansing.

What's In The Box

  • 1 THIRD EYE CHAKRA CLEANSE® Crystal Set which contains two THIRD EYE Chakra Purple Fluorite crystals to ground and protect you, and to transform negative energy into positive vibrations.
  • Instruction guide with rituals, practices and information about each chakra to support you in exploring (and balancing) your energy and life.
  • Your unique code for exclusive access to members-only content

Know Your Unique Energy Signature

You are made up of unique energy patterns and vibrations. Similar to fingerprints, no one else has your blueprint of energy. In essence, you have a Unique Energy Signature™ that only you express.

POOJA teaches you how to recognize unbalanced chakra energy through our 7-day guided chakra cleanse program. We help you to bring your energy back into balance, producing optimal alignment and unlocking the power of your Unique Energy Signature™.


Bath Bomb

Sodium Bicarbonate (Baking Soda), Citric Acid, Sea Salt, Sunflower Oil, Organic Shea Butter, Fragrance

Body Bar

Coconut Oil, Canola Oil, Soybean Oil, Organic Shea Butter, Water, Sodium Hydroxide Lye, Olive Pomace Oil, Sunflower Oil, Thyme, Fragrance

How do I know if my THIRD EYE Chakra is out of balance?

Do you have difficulty living in the moment and keeping up with the basic necessities of life? Are you unable to focus on a single task without getting sidetracked? Perhaps you loathe the idea of a stable, predictable way of living. Maybe you feel foggy, lost or adrift. When the THIRD EYE Chakra expresses underactive energy, you may experience fear of the unknown. Others may see you as insensitive, closed-minded and unimaginative. You might struggle with appreciating beliefs, views and opinions that differ from your own. Physical manifestations may appear as poor memory, boredom and a shallow way of thinking. When the THIRD EYE Chakra expresses overactive energy, you may experience delusions of grandeur. You might be excessively interested in the realm of visions and dreams, causing you to be out of touch with the real world. This can lead to paranoia, a chaotic life and mental overwhelm.

How do I use the POOJA CLEANSE® for my THIRD EYE Chakra?

The POOJA CLEANSE® is a time for deep self reflection and is a multilayered experience. To prepare (Day 0), create a sacred space for yourself by drawing a warm bath and dropping your first THIRD EYE Chakra Bath Bomb for a sensual, relaxing ritual to soothe and relax your mind, body and senses. Take this time to set your intention for the coming week. On Days 1-7, you’ll begin incorporating various rituals and practices (which will include your Body Bar and THIRD EYE Chakra crystals) to establish a healthy foundation for a creative and connected life. Set time daily to capture your thoughts and feelings in a journal. Allow space for meditation and contemplation. At the end of Day 7, you'll wrap your weeklong journey with a bath using your second THIRD EYE Chakra Bath Bomb. This is the perfect time to reflect on your journey and any transformations you may have experienced.

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  • Illustration of chief domains

    chief domains

    Intuition, foresight and abstract thinking

  • Illustration of emotional challenge

    emotional challenge


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    Indigo or Violet

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    sanskrit word


The chakra system originated in India between 1500 and 500 BC in an ancient religious texts known as the Vedas. The word chakra means “wheel” in Sanskrit and refers to a spiritual energy center within the human body. There are seven universally recognized chakras along the spine, neck, and at the crown of the head, with each one corresponding to a specific purpose.
With so many stressors from modern everyday living leaving their imprints on the chakras, it’s essential to keep them balanced. The ROOT Chakra is the foundation of the entire chakra system. Located at the base of the spine and pelvic floor, this is where your body connects to the Earth. This chakra governs your basic primal needs and rules the home, finances and work — as well as your emotions and behaviors related to survival.

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