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Revealing POOJA's Fresh New Look & Product Offerings

Revealing POOJA's Fresh New Look & Product Offerings

Beloved Community,

Warm greetings from the heart chakra of POOJA! We trust this post finds you in thriving mind, body and spirit. 

Today marks a joyous moment as we reintroduce ourselves to you, celebrating the evolution of POOJA. 

In the midst of COVID, we launched POOJA out of a deep recognition for the profound need for community, connection and global healing. Now, four years later, we are excited to transcend the shadows of that time to unveil a refreshed and elevated POOJA experience, enabling us to harness the potency of our Unique Energy Signatures, our ‘blueprints of energy’.

Our transformation includes a vibrant new look, a redesigned logo and website, and an array of exciting new product offerings to support you in your journey to balance as you unlock the keys to your Unique Energy Signature. From our humble beginnings as a small bath bomb e-commerce site, we have evolved into a comprehensive spiritual experience, offering chakra wisdom, customized daily rituals, opportunities for community connections, and much more.

Let’s take you on a brief tour of what's new:

Rebranding: We’ve revitalized our colors, logo and overall messaging to align more closely with our mission, vision and values.

New Website & Content: Immerse yourself in a seamless journey with improved navigation, clean design and fresh content spanning health and wellness, rituals and practices, nutrition, chakra education, and more.

New Products & Packaging: Our 7-day guided Chakra Cleanses are presented in exquisite boxes containing reformulated bath bombs and body bars, crystals, and daily rituals designed to help you tap into love, joy and balance.

At POOJA, our commitment to building a global conscious community and fostering collective healing has never been stronger. 

With that, please allow us to reintroduce you to our updated Mission, Vision and Values.

Mission: To help people transform their Unique Energy Signature into balanced, joyful living.

Vision: To create a global community joined together in collective consciousness, embracing an exchange of diverse energies and serving one another in gratitude, compassion and peace.

Values: POOJA is a purpose-driven brand that reflects a modern holistic lifestyle, devoted to nurturing, supporting and improving the wellbeing of others along life’s journey. We operate from a place of social good and celebrate joyful living.

We eagerly anticipate your presence and value your feedback as we journey together on the path of POOJA. 

With heartfelt gratitude,

The POOJA Team


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